Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy

Whether you need physical, occupational, or speech therapy, Premier at Perry Village has expert professionals to individualize your treatments. Our physical therapy staff helps our residents regain your highest levels of functioning and mobility to return to independent living whenever possible. We help our residents improve their fine motor skills through customized occupational therapy. Speech therapists are available to help those overcome communication and language issues.

Skilled and caring professionals evaluate the needs of each of our residents and develop individualized treatment and therapy programs so they can recover and perform their everyday activities.

Respiratory and Wound Care

Premier at Perry Village’s specialists treat and prevent acute or chronic respiratory system dysfunctions, to aid in breathing better. If you or a family member suffers from a wound that needs special attention, our expert staff are trained to help prevent infection and promote healing. Our professional staff works preventively to help keep our residents in our facility and out of the hospital.

Dedication and personalized care plans assist in healing you or your loved one at Premier at Perry Village.

Stroke Recovery, Cardiac Treatment and Cardiopulmonary Care

The staff at Premier at Perry Village specializes in recovery from a stroke or cardiac condition. Our treatments improve your energy and general wellness while reducing physical limitations and body pain. With a detailed recovery plan for each of our residents, we treat these conditions to get them as healthy and functioning as possible.

Expert therapists provide personalized treatment for a speedy recovery from a stroke or heart condition.

Additional Treatments

Our professional staff offers hemodialysis and IV therapy to maintain the proper fluids and mineral balance and increase energy levels.

Premier at Perry Village also offers respite stays if your loved one is able to be home but you as a caregiver need time off for vacation.