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Success Story: Charles

Charles Grubb was admitted to Premier at Perry Village following hospitalization due to pneumonia and multiple falls at home.  His discharge goal at time of admission was to return to living independently alone.  He lived in a first floor apartment with no steps to enter.  He utilized a rollator walker for mobility in his apartment and a scooter outdoors.  He was independent with ADLs and functional mobility.  His family and friends brought him meals which he heated in the microwave.  He did not drive.

Upon evaluation, Charles required the following:

  • Moderate assistance to complete bed mobility, contact guard for transfers using a rolling walker and minimum assistance for ambulation up to 90 feet using a rolling walker.
  • Minimum assistance for upper body bathing and dressing as well as grooming.
  • Moderate assistance for lower body bathing & dressing as well as toileting.
  • Maximum assistance for meal prep and other community ADLs.
  • In addition, Charles’ left shoulder range of motion was limited and he demonstrated decreased upper and lower extremity strength as well as impaired balance and decreased endurance.

Following the completion of therapy, Charles made the following improvements:

  • Independent with ADLs, meal prep and cleanup, bed mobility, transfers and ambulation using a rollator walker.
  • His left shoulder range of motion had increased to within functional levels and he had gained both upper and lower extremity strength.
  • His balance had improved although he still required the rollator walker.
  • His endurance had increased so that it was functional for his daily routine.
  • His fall risk was significantly decreased.

In short time, Charles was discharged from the facility to live independently in his apartment.

Regarding his stay at Premier of Perry Village, Charles stated: “My therapy has been very, very good.  The nurses have been very, very good too.  There hasn’t been one bad person.  I appreciate the help.  The food’s been very good too.”

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